I am an advocate of diversity, inclusion, and equity, My prime area of expertise in is gender equity and equality.

I have a passion for community development and stewardship along with protection of the environment. I believe the key to attaining these goals is through hands-on, high-quality, accessible education and training.

I have a love for design and communication, am an award-winning presenter that takes pride in producing professional graphical images, presentations, illustrations, and have previous professional experience as an interior architect. I have also been formally trained in communication both verbal and written.

My doctoral dissertation and research studies investigated the indoor microbiology of the built environment. The goal of my work was to explore links between the indoor microbiome and adverse asthma episodes focusing primarily on Native American children, who have twice the asthma prevalence when compared to non-Native American children.



Find out more about my work in the following areas: Gender Equity & Bias, Community Involvement & Stewardship, Design & Communication, and Enviromental Engineering


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