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I used to work in an architectural firm where the in-house IT specialist used to regularly “hit” on all the women that worked there. And would somehow always need to stay late when one of us needed to put in an extra hour to wrap up a project. Once he saw he was alone in the office with one of the women he would proceed to try and put his hands on them/me.

Gender Bias Post 4: I am Not Your Mother. #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

An engineering department has a communal fridge in the break-room for people to store their food. It rarely gets cleaned and is commonly stocked full of out of date stinky food... no big surprise there.

In response to this common problem an email is sent out a couple of times a semester calling for people to remove any out of date items so the fridge can be cleaned, the email is mostly ignored... no big surprise there.

One of the admin staff takes it upon herself to "do something about it" and prints out and tapes up signs all over the fridge and break room reading:

Gender Bias Post 3: I Understand She is a New Mother. #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

A lead researcher from one university and a PI (both male) from another were getting ready to conduct a sampling campaign. The lead researcher had left it to the last minute to order sampling supplies for the campaign, he therefore tasked his staff with getting the supplies needed saying he would pay for rushed shipment. When the staff member went to order the supplies, she found that they were all back ordered. She knew of a PhD student, whom they had collaborated with on a recent project, that used the same sampling supplies and called her to see if she had any on hand they could use. This researcher only had enough unused supplies for 20 samples, but had some used ones on hand that she offered to send to them stating that they would have to work out how to clean them, andpointed out that although this was not an ideal solution it may help if there was no other choice.

When the PI on the project heard about this he was not happy with using the old sampling supplies and sent out an email to voice his concerns to the PhD student's PI. In a chain of emails that followed the original email was forwarded to the PhD student, an excerpt of this email follows:

Gender Bias Post 2: I Know How You Girls Like Pink. #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

Female lab member has become increasingly frustrated about the treatment she receives (because of her gender) compared to the treatment of her male peers. Her expertise in the subject matter she is studying is continually ignored, verbally discredited, and shut down by her fellow lab mates and her PI (all of whom are nice people and outwardly supports womens rights). In a conversation with two of her lab mates, both friends of hers, one male and one female, she voices her frustrations:

Gender Bias Post 1: Find Yourself a Big Strong Man. #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

A minor chemical leak occurred at work, health and safety we called in to make sure it was cleaned up correctly. The expert that arrived was a man, the lab group member there to meet him was a women. It was deemed a minor spill by the expert and he advised the lab member to simply wipe it up and clean the surfaces tainted with it with water. All chemicals would need to be removed from the above shelves to conduct this clean up. The female lab member on hand to deal with situation was a tall, fit, and physically able person (both taller and probably stronger than the male expert). The chemicals that needed moving were all in small containers and would require no strain to move. Here is the conversation that followed: