Gender Bias Post 2: I Know How You Girls Like Pink. #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

Female lab member has become increasingly frustrated about the treatment she receives (because of her gender) compared to the treatment of her male peers. Her expertise in the subject matter she is studying is continually ignored, verbally discredited, and shut down by her fellow lab mates and her PI (all of whom are nice people and outwardly supports womens rights). In a conversation with two of her lab mates, both friends of hers, one male and one female, she voices her frustrations:

Female lab member: You don’t understand how frustrating it is to be shut down day after day. Yesterday I voiced a solution to the group and was talked over and told my solution was incorrect. You (talking to male friend) then repeated my idea 2 minutes later to the group, almost word for word the way I said it, and were praised for your input and a discussion followed between the male lab members about what a great solution it was. I’m just tired of it.

Male lab member: I don’t remember you saying anything about the solution.

Female lab member: Urgh… so anyway I have been looking at other groups to work with, more female friendly groups, just looking, but it is tempting.

Male lab member: Maybe a lab that is pink, I know how you girls like pink, and that you value the esthetics of the lab more than the function.

Female lab member: WHAT! Tell me you are joking, that is so sexist, and get off this whole pink is a girl’s color band wagon.

Male lab member: Pink is a girl’s color, I have daughters and they love pink so I know what I am talking about, and I am not sexist, I’m surrounded by women every day and I get on well with them and work with them. Maybe we could tidy the lab up a bit and ask for the cupboards to be repainted so you like it here more.

Other Female lab member: Uncomfortable laughter. This lab could do with a repaint.

Female lab member: You totally missed the point. I give up… walks off