Gender Bias Post 7: Worker Bees are Female #ImplicitBias #GenderBias #UnconsciousGenderBiasBlog

A female beekeeper visits her local apiary for advice on her bees, as they do not seem to be making honey. Here is her experience:

I have one beehive and am just about to complete my first year as a bee keeper. I was little concerned at the lack of covered brood cells in my hive even though I have a queen. So I thought I'd visit the local Apiary to get expert advice. I invited my, male, next door neighbor to join me as he likes to help me when I check my bees.

At the apiary I tracked down one of the experts there and told them about my worries.
The expert, also male, immediately turned to my neighbor, who did not start the conversation or pose the question to him, and started to discuss what could be the problem. I became invisible!!!!!