Implicit bias

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A lead researcher from one university and a PI (both male) from another were getting ready to conduct a sampling campaign. The lead researcher had left it to the last minute to order sampling supplies for the campaign, he therefore tasked his staff with getting the supplies needed saying he would pay for rushed shipment. When the staff member went to order the supplies, she found that they were all back ordered. She knew of a PhD student, whom they had collaborated with on a recent project, that used the same sampling supplies and called her to see if she had any on hand they could use. This researcher only had enough unused supplies for 20 samples, but had some used ones on hand that she offered to send to them stating that they would have to work out how to clean them, andpointed out that although this was not an ideal solution it may help if there was no other choice.

When the PI on the project heard about this he was not happy with using the old sampling supplies and sent out an email to voice his concerns to the PhD student's PI. In a chain of emails that followed the original email was forwarded to the PhD student, an excerpt of this email follows: