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Journal Articles in Chronological Order

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The Reestablishment of Microbial Communities after Surface Cleaning in Schools

SE Kwan, RJ Shaughnessy, B Hegarty, U Haverinen‐Shaughnessy, Jordan Peccia, Journal of applied microbiology 2018, 125, 3, 897-906

Buildings, Beneficial Microbes, and Health

J Peccia, SE Kwan, Trends in Microbiology, 2016, 24, 8, 595-597

Biofouling in forward osmosis and reverse osmosis: Measurements and mechanisms

SE Kwan, E Bar-Zeev, M Elimelech, Journal of Membrane Science, 2015 493, 703-708

The importance of microscopic characterization of membrane biofilms in an unconfined environment

E Bar-Zeev, KR Zodrow, SE Kwan, M Elimelech, Desalination, 2014, 348, 8-15