Below I provide links to learn more about my work, and useful information on my areas of study

Peer REviewed JOurnal Articals

Click the Journal artical button below to find a collection of links to peer-reviewed journal articles I have authored

Radio Interviews

I am interviewed from time to time on the radio about my work. If you would like  to hear what I have to say click the "Radio" button below.


I have received various rewards for my work on Gender Equity, Indoor Microbiomes, and Lab Safety. Media write ups on these awards can be found by clicking the "Awards" button below.

Gender Equity/Gender Bias

Click the "Gender Equity" button below to find a collection of useful and interested media and journal articles I have found on Gender Equity and Gender Bias in the STEM field.

Indoor Microbiome

My work and the work on my lab (The Peccia Biotech Research Lab) on the Indoor Microbiome gets written up in the media from time to time, if you would like to read more about it click the "Indoor Microbiome" button below (links to journal articles I have published can be found here).