IAQ Radio Episode 445: Sarah Elizabeth Kwan, PhM, EIT – Peccia Env Biotechnology Lab at Yale – Microbiology of the Built Environment

This week on IAQ Radio we welcome Sarah Elizabeth Kwan. Sarah Kwan is a Ph.D. candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Peccia Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory at Yale University. She also received her M.S and Ph.M. in Environmental Engineering from Yale.

IAQ Radio Episode 416: The 5th Annual SLOAN Microbiology of the Built Environment Conference

This week Radio Joe was live from beautiful Boulder Colorado and Colorado University at the 5th SLOAN Microbiology of the Built Environment Conference. The conference is a gathering of the leading researchers in the world that study the microbiome of the built environment. A diverse group of scientists from around the world have been meeting for the past five years to present their findings and collaborate on how the microbiome of the indoor environment can be defined, investigated, maintained and when necessary remediated. Joining us live from the conference were Carl Grimes, Ulla Harvenin Shaughnessy, PhD, Sarah E. Kwan, PhM, EIT and PhD Candidate at Cal Berkeley Iman Sylvain.