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Friends Center For Children


Date: 9/20/2018

Susan Hardej - Assistant Director, Friends Center for Children

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Sarah on the planning committee for the Fair Haven Family Stroll and Festival for the past 3 years. The event, which highlights the importance of high quality Early Childhood Education, includes live local performers, family friendly events as well as local resource partners. There has never been a task assigned to Sarah that she could not complete (often with little or no guidance). She uses her knowledge of the local community to connect and secure meaningful resource partners and her design skills to develop and create attractive and vibrant event materials with a minimal budget. Her marketing and community outreach skills have been vital to the success of this event. We had over 1000 people at the event last May!!! What sets her apart is not only her talents and skill set, it is her heartfelt dedication to making something the best it can be. She is open to ideas, supportive of other members of the team and works until the job is done. She inspires those around her.


Tulsa Indoor Air Program

Tulsa indoor air.png

Date: 9/20/2018

Brian Clark - Cherokee Nation Field Technician

It was a great pleasure to work with Sarah Kwan in a study of the relationship of asthma in Native American youth and indoor air quality. Sarah was always professional and helped to cultivate the practical skills necessary in myself and the other associate researchers. She was always available to guide us novices through our struggles and answer our questions and requests. I'm greatly appreciative for the time I got to know and work with Sarah Kwan and her help within this study as well as her ongoing support of her fellow colleague.


Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science

Date: Fall 2013

Course Evaluations from Air Pollution Control

(CENG 373 01/ENVE 373 01)

Position Evaluated for: Teaching Fellow

Undergraduate 1: Sarah is awesome. GO TO THE HOMEWORK SESSIONS! They help so much! 

Undergraduate 2: Sarah is very helpful and approachable. She really took the time and effort to explain problem sets very clearly.

Undergraduate 3: Sarah is awesome! Best TA ever! 

Undergraduate 4: Sarah made this course a lot less painful that it could have been. Office hours were extremely helpful. 

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